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Moving back to Ghost

I'm moving the blog back to Ghost from Hugo and CloudFlare pages to make my workflow a little more efficient.

Major Hayden
Major Hayden
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I made the move from Ghost to Hugo (published from GitHub to CloudFlare Pages) a while back. Well, as luck would have it, I'm coming back to Ghost. You'll still be able to access the old posts via

Hugo remains one of my favorite static blog generators of all time (I use it for my main technical blog), but it's cumbersome when you want to manage lots of images in the same post and you need to publish something quickly. Trading stocks and options is a hobby of mine outside of work and I need a platform that allows me to publish a bit more quickly.

Ghost gives me lots of tools to publish posts quickly and send them out to subscribers via email. Sure, you can subscribe to the RSS feed in your favorite feed reader, but you can also get my posts directly in your inbox as soon as they're finished.

In addition, if you feel inclined to help with my hosting costs (currently $9 per month), you can do that by joining as a supporter for just $3 per month. It only takes three people to cover my costs! 👏

My goal is to avoid paywalls on the site because I really want more people to learn how to make higher probability trades by building their own strategies. If you learn how to fish from this blog, then I did my job. I'll try to throw you a few fish along the way when I can. 🐟

If you want to subscribe to updates from this site, just use the Subscribe button at the top right of the page. If you're already subscribed, thank you! There's a free option and another option to offset my hosting costs.


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