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Explanations of my strategy or ideas for how to improve your trades

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AMZN stock and options analysis for December 7

AMZN looks "primed" for a move down to support, but those levels look quite strong.

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AMD end of the week recap

Let's look back at AMD's week as we head into a holiday week. It's been a wild ride. Could we see AMD hold $120 and grind higher?

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Let's get back to MSFT

MSFT is on an incredible run, but does it have an end in sight? 🤔

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SPX and SPY analysis for November 10

SPX took a turn after the bond auction, but where are we going now? 📈

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MSFT analysis for Nov 3

MSFT is wandering in some interesting territory. Are we looking at a break of structure with a move higher or are we dancing around at the top? Let's get some data to have an edge.

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Will Apple's earnings bear fruit?

AAPL earnings are tonight so let's see what traders are betting on through December. 🍎

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AMD stock and options analysis for October 30

AMD earnings are coming up tomorrow, but what does the chart and options data suggest will happen? Let's get a look. 🎃

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Charts & Coffee for October 29

Grab a cup of coffee and let's look through SPX and NDX charts this week. I'll also recap Ciovacco Capital's weekly video. 📉

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Is SPY about to give back everything since May?

SPY seems poised to give back all of its gains since May. Will it happen? And where do we go after that if it happens? 🤔

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TSLA stock and options analysis for October 25

TSLA vanna and gamma data suggests we're stuck in a tight range for a while, but the chart says we might be turning a corner. 🤔

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