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AMD analysis for December 11

AMD went on an absolutely amazing run recently, but where is it headed now? 🤔

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Another look at NVDA on December 8

NVDA's whipsaw since the May gap up continues, but it's testing VWAP lines more aggressively. Is it preparing for a jump up or a ride down? 🤔

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AMZN stock and options analysis for December 7

AMZN looks "primed" for a move down to support, but those levels look quite strong.

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Another look at MSFT on December 6th

MSFT looks fantastic for the year but as we pull back from all time highs, what's next for this mega cap? Let's build an edge through data. 👷

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TSLA stock and options analysis for December 5th

TSLA's price looks primed for another big move, but in which direction?

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AMD stock and options analysis for December 4th

AMD finally broke the $120 curse, but where is it going now? 🤔

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Charts & Coffee for December 3

Market trends look strong, but how long can we rally at this pace? Let's dig into charts, vanna, and institutional trades to get an edge. 🔧

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Thanksgiving week pre-earnings analysis of NVDA

NVDA's earnings call is coming up tomorrow (11/21) after the close. Let's take apart options data, institutional trades, and stock charts to make some predictions on where it might be going. 🤔

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AMD end of the week recap

Let's look back at AMD's week as we head into a holiday week. It's been a wild ride. Could we see AMD hold $120 and grind higher?

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NVDA pre-earnings stock and options analysis

NVDA is roaring into earnings on 11/21, but what happens after that? Betting on the top looks a bit scary, but support levels could be challenging to pick as well. 🚀

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