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Theta Nerd 🤓

I spend plenty of time examining charts, reviewing dealer positioning, and poring over options greeks to make my trades with the best information I can find. People kept asking me about my thesis on trades and then the idea came to me:

Why don't I just write up what I find, share my thought process, and let everyone in on my thesis for trades?

That's what kicked off this blog. 🚀

I hope you enjoy it! You can always review my current and past trades, learn more about how I got started, or follow me on Mastodon. Be sure to subscribe if you want my latest posts in your inbox. If you want to support my work, you have the option to do that as well.

No paywalls here. Let's learn together. 💚 Major

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Know your max loss

Knowing your max loss on paper and being prepared for maximum loss are two entirely different things.

Know your max loss

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Charts & Coffee for 10/1

Let's break out the charts with some nifty indicators and see where SPY, AMD, and TSLA might be going this week. 📈

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TSLA Friday analysis for 9/29

Is TSLA ready for another bull run? What's going on with $300 for Jan 2024? 🤔

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Where's the floor for SPY?

Where will SPY stop it's fall? Let's check the data to find out.

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