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Welcome to the (new) blog! #

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I spend plenty of time examining charts, reviewing dealer positioning, and poring over options greeks to make my trades with the best information I can find. People kept asking me about my thesis on trades and then the idea came to me:

Why don’t I just write up what I find, share my thought process, and let everyone in on my thesis for trades?

That’s what kicked off this blog. No paywalls here. Let’s learn together. Major


Trading rules for 2024

·1377 words·7 mins
Some of you asked about my specific trading rules for 2024. This post covers how I trade, how I find trades, and how I recover from losing trades.

Is technical analysis worth it?

·1396 words·7 mins
Let’s talk about what technical analysis is and what it isn’t. Be sure you’re using it for the right reasons.

My trading changes for 2024

·1166 words·6 mins
This year looks good for a reset of my trading mindset. The transition begins now! 鳴

Know your max loss

·1401 words·7 mins
Knowing your max loss on paper and being prepared for maximum loss are two entirely different things.