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AMD analysis for December 11

AMD went on an absolutely amazing run recently, but where is it headed now? 🤔

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AMD stock and options analysis for December 4th

AMD finally broke the $120 curse, but where is it going now? 🤔

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AMD end of the week recap

Let's look back at AMD's week as we head into a holiday week. It's been a wild ride. Could we see AMD hold $120 and grind higher?

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AMD stock and options analysis for November 7

It's been a week since AMD's earnings rally, but it stalled out since then. Is it taking a breather or looking to retrace? 🤔

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AMD stock and options analysis for October 30

AMD earnings are coming up tomorrow, but what does the chart and options data suggest will happen? Let's get a look. 🎃

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Friday vanna-rama for October 27

Trading options with vanna can be fun (and profitable sometimes). Let's get into this Friday's vanna charts from Volland. 📈

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AMD pre-earnings analysis for 10/24

We're one week away from AMD's earnings on 10/31. Will we get tricks or treats next week? 🎃

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All vanna Friday for 10/20

Join me for a Friday vanna-rama where I dig into vanna data for SPY, SPX, AMD, and TSLA. 🎊

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AMD deep dive for 10/16

Less than two weeks remain until AMD earnings and it continues to trade in a channel. What's next for AMD? 🎃

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Charts & Coffee for 10/15

It's time for a weekly chart roundup! Today's update includes SPY, TSLA, AMD, and OXY. 📈

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