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Another look at NVDA on December 8

NVDA's whipsaw since the May gap up continues, but it's testing VWAP lines more aggressively. Is it preparing for a jump up or a ride down? 🤔

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Thanksgiving week pre-earnings analysis of NVDA

NVDA's earnings call is coming up tomorrow (11/21) after the close. Let's take apart options data, institutional trades, and stock charts to make some predictions on where it might be going. 🤔

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NVDA pre-earnings stock and options analysis

NVDA is roaring into earnings on 11/21, but what happens after that? Betting on the top looks a bit scary, but support levels could be challenging to pick as well. 🚀

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Time for an NVDA earnings special!

It's the NVDA pre-earnings special! 🎉 Let's dig into all of the data and see if we can make a guess at where we're going today.

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