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Pre-earnings OXY analysis

OXY has earnings this week and it's been following the market trends fairly closely. Let's dig into the data and make a prediction of where price might go. 📈

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Charts & Coffee for 10/15

It's time for a weekly chart roundup! Today's update includes SPY, TSLA, AMD, and OXY. 📈

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Vanna roundup for SPY, AMD, TSLA, and OXY on 10/13

It's all vanna all day today! Earnings season is here and sometimes it helps to pull back and take a higher level view of where dealers are positioned. ✈️

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Charts & Coffee for 10/9

Taking another look at the only two things in the stock market that won't lie to you: price and volume. 📈

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New ticker: OXY!

OXY is a new ticket for me and I plan to trade it just like the others: using charts and options data. 🛢️

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