I started with some basic trades in the stock market back in the summer of 2020 when it seemed like trading stocks was the most amazing thing on the planet. Then I received a crash course in what happens when you start playing in the big game without any idea what you’re doing. πŸ€•

After many painful lessons, I began to treat the market like every other difficult thing in my IT career: learn what’s happening underneath and make better choices.

A friend told me about a podcast that he thought would help. As I listened to the Theta Gang podcast, I heard someone a lot like me. Someone who is willing to tinker. Someone who is willing to take some chances. And someone who wants to use their tragedies and triumphs to help others.

I joined the Theta Gang via Patreon and found myself in a community of traders who aren’t looking for home runs or chasing easy gains. They want a steady stream of base hits in the stock market so they can send their kids to college, build their retirement, and support the charities that mean a lot to them.

This is my way of giving back.

Sure, I’m going to share some of my stock market research and ideas here and you can use those to make trades if you want. Hopefully I can teach more people how to fish for themselves rather than take stock tips from others. One of my favorite quotes from Reminisces of a Stock Operator is this one:

"No, sir, nobody can make big money on what someone else tells him to do."