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Charts & Coffee for December 3

Market trends look strong, but how long can we rally at this pace? Let's dig into charts, vanna, and institutional trades to get an edge. 🔧

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SPX and SPY analysis for November 10

SPX took a turn after the bond auction, but where are we going now? 📈

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SPY and SPX outlook for November 1

Is SPX going to rally? What changed since last week? Let's dig into the data and get more details. 🔎

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Friday vanna-rama for October 27

Trading options with vanna can be fun (and profitable sometimes). Let's get into this Friday's vanna charts from Volland. 📈

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Is SPY about to give back everything since May?

SPY seems poised to give back all of its gains since May. Will it happen? And where do we go after that if it happens? 🤔

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SPY and SPX deep dive for 10/23

Fear is rampant, but what does the data say? Let's find the levels to watch and be patient for the good trade setups. 👀

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All vanna Friday for 10/20

Join me for a Friday vanna-rama where I dig into vanna data for SPY, SPX, AMD, and TSLA. 🎊

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Broad market look: SPY & SPX

With all of the earnings news on the way this week, how does the broader market look? Let's dive into SPX and SPY today. 🏊

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Charts & Coffee for 10/15

It's time for a weekly chart roundup! Today's update includes SPY, TSLA, AMD, and OXY. 📈

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Vanna roundup for SPY, AMD, TSLA, and OXY on 10/13

It's all vanna all day today! Earnings season is here and sometimes it helps to pull back and take a higher level view of where dealers are positioned. ✈️

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